The HOA Information and Resource Center

The HOA Information and Resource Center has been in operation since January 1, 2011. It was created in 2010 by the Colorado Legislature as a result of legislative and consumer concerns regarding homeowner’s associations in Colorado. The Office is organized within the Division of Real Estate under the Department of Regulatory Agencies.

The HOA Office registers and collects information concerning homeowner’s associations, including an HOA’s contact information, and handles consumer inquiries and complaints from homeowners. The HOA Office provides assistance and information to homeowners, HOA boards, declarants and other interested parties concerning their rights and responsibilities pursuant to the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (“CCIOA”).

The HOA Information Officer administers the HOA Office, and he reviews, analyzes, and presents the data and information collected in an annual report. The report presents data concerning the number and geographical concentration of HOA’s in the State, as well as inquiries and complaint types received.

The HOA Office does not however, provide legal advice or mediate disputes with HOA’s or community association managers. Also, the Division of Real Estate and the HOA Office does not have the authority to conduct investigations, nor does it have regulatory oversight over homeowner’s associations or community association managers (who are not licensed real estate brokers). The HOA Office provides informational resource materials and referral information to consumers to assist them with their concerns.

The HOA Office receives many inquiries and complaints concerning HOA’s, some of which pertain to:

- HOA managers/management companies;
- Board member responsibilities;
- Governing documents;
- Meetings and elections;
- Community maintenance;
- Dues, fees, fines and rule enforcement;
- Declarant issues; and
- Disclosure and production of records.

The HOA Information and Resource Center’s goals for 2013 will be to:

  • Expand community outreach throughout the State
  • Utilize media and non-profit resources for the dissemination of HOA information
  • Develop more educational information for HOA owners, managers, and developers
  • Provide community presentations, forums, and workshops on HOA issues
  • Offer HOA educational classes for consumers and industry professionals
  • Have a greater Office website presence with practical HOA issue information and materials, expanding FAQ’s, and providing useful resource links for additional assistance and referrals
  • Streamline the HOA registration system in order to collect relevant HOA data; and Empower the consumer with knowledge concerning their rights and responsibilities in an HOA.

The HOA Office is committed to assisting homeowners and consumers with the best possible service and providing all interested parties with the resources and information necessary to be better informed regarding HOA issues. You may logon to the website for information regarding the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act and other informational materials and resources, or you can contact the HOA Officer at the number below if you have any questions or concerns.

The HOA Information and Resource Center’s contact information is:

Gary Kujawski
HOA Information Officer
1560 Broadway, Suite 925,
Denver, CO 80202
ph# 303-894-2355