Public Affairs Update

Public Affairs Update…………………………….………………………………April 17, 2019

  • How Costly Is the American Dream of Homeownership?
  • Planning for the Possible End of GSE Conservatorship
  • Affordability Challenges and Optimism: The Housing Market’s Road Ahead
  • SB19-225: Authorize Local Governments to Stabilize Rent
  • Land Use Code Amendments: Questionnaires
  • 30 Pearl: Call for Offers
  • Pizza & Public Affairs Wednesday May 1, 2019 Noon to 1:00pm at BARA
  • In Case You Missed It


How Costly Is the American Dream of Homeownership?

An analysis of the salary one earned to afford a home over the past 20 years found some stark differences between then and now. Click through to learn where it is still worth pursuing homeownership and where this dream is beyond the reach of the average household. » READ MORE [Source: 04-09-2019]


Planning for the Possible End of GSE Conservatorship

In a recent interview, Collingwood Group Chairman Tim Rood discussed the memorandum signed by President Donald Trump calling for the end of conservatorship of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. » READ MORE [Source: 04-04-2019]


Affordability Challenges and Optimism: The Housing Market's Road Ahead

Windermere Real Estate Chief Economist Matthew Gardner discusses affordability, student debt, and other factors impacting housing.. » READ MORE

[Source: DSNews.com04-10/2019]


Land Use Code Amendments: Questionnaires

In 2019, the City of Boulder is exploring potential changes to the city code (e.g., community benefit, large homes, use standards, etc.) that could create more affordable housing, ensure Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan policies are better implemented by the code and support energy conservation goals.

Please visit to take a questionnaire on all or any of the three projects to share your views. [Source: City of Boulder 04-02-2019]


30 Pearl: Call for Offers

On March 11, the City of Boulder issued a Call for Offers to purchase three developable sites at 2360 30th St., also known as the 30 Pearl project. One site is for sale now and the other two will be for sale at a later date. Once that date is determined, it will be posted on the city website. These properties, on half of the site, are intended for market-rate housing. 

Boulder Housing Partners (BHP), the city housing authority, will complete the site level planning, utility and affordable housing entitlements of this project. The three sites for sale must be developed in coordination with BHP. 

For more information and to access Call for Offer documents, visit:  [Source: City of Boulder 04-02-2019]


SB19-225: Authorize Local Governments to Stabilize Rent

SB19-225, sponsored by Sen. Julie Gonzales (D-Denver), Sen. Robert Rodriguez (D-Denver), Rep. Susan Lontine (D-Denver) and Rep. Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez (D-Denver), repeals current Colorado statute prohibiting rent control on private residential real property or housing units.  

CAR's Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) strongly opposes this bill because it does not help us solve the affordable housing problem we are facing in Colorado. In fact this type of public policy would set us back in trying to instill the increased supply of affordable housing that we need to make a long-term impact on affordability for all Coloradans. Additionally, creating such a patchwork of laws or regulation would deter investment in our communities and building of homes we desperately need that would help us address the lack of supply across our state.

A lack of housing inventory is the main catalyst that drives home prices up. In the last six years, home prices have increased 44% while housing inventory has decreased by 13%. NAR research suggests that for every two new jobs, one single-family permit is issued, but right now we are seeing fewer single family permits being issued across the entire Front Range. If we take the right steps to improve affordability we give Coloradans a better future rather than a temporary solution that only builds a wall around a few haves at the expense of all the rest of the have-nots.

If you look at rent control policies established in other states such as California, in cities such as San Francisco, Berkley and Santa Monica, this type of policy suggestion has only led to some of the highest rents in country. Whether it is rent control or rent stabilization, this form of public policy is the wrong approach for Colorado because it exacerbates the availability of affordable housing in a time when Colorado does not have the sufficient supply to meet the demand. [Source: Capitol Connection 04-12-2019]



Pizza & Public Affairs Wednesday May 1, 2019 Noon to 1:00pm at BARA

Guest Speaker:

Frances Draper, Associate Vice Chancellor Strategic Relations, University of Colorado Boulder

What She Will Present:

CU South Update

  • When will flood mitigation for 3500 homes in SE Boulder be completed? Will CDOT cooperate with CU and the City to allow use of CDOT ROW?
  • Status of annexation agreement negotiations with the City of Boulder.
  • When can we expect development of the sports fields, administrative offices, faculty housing and more?
  • Will neighbors have access to hiking trails on CU South? Walking dogs okay? Other uses by neighbors.
  • What about traffic mitigation?

A not to miss candid presentation looking at CU South and how it will benefit the neighborhoods, the City and the University.



In Case You Missed It