Government Affairs Committee Structure

Government Affairs Committee Structure

Boulder Area REALTOR® Association


BARA leadership has empowered the Governmental Affairs Committee to review, discuss and, at times, recommend positions on public policy issues important to the real estate industry, real estate professionals, and private property owners. Because this committee is vitally important to the operation of the Boulder Area REALTOR® Association, this committee structure shall be adhered to. To ensure a balanced and fair representation of the BARA membership, diversity of applicants will be strongly considered.


Appointment Process

  1. Applicant must be a member of the Boulder Area REALTOR® Association;  Click here for application
  2. All interested and recommended applicants for the Committee shall apply by way of the appropriate request form distributed to the membership;
  3. A three member application review panel composed of the BARA President, GAC Chair, and BARA Senior Vice President of Public Affairs will review all applications and make recommendations of appointment to the BARA Board of Directors;
  4. Appointment to the GAC is subject to approval of the BARA Board of Directors;
  5. Appointment need not be limited to one person per office; any interested member is encouraged to apply;
  6. Should the need arise to appoint an additional member to the Government Affairs Committee in case of an emergency, or an unexpected vacancy, the application review panel as described in item #3 shall choose from the applications submitted during the annual application process.



  1. Appointments to the GAC shall reflect the diversity of the membership of the Boulder Area REALTOR® Association;
  2. There will be a minimum of seven (7) members appointed to the Committee;
  3. The Committee Chair and Vice Chair shall be Realtor® members in good standing;
  4. Committee members will be asked to serve a two-year term, with staggered terms, so in any given year 4 or more seats will be up for appointment; Members may reapply for consecutive terms;
  5. The Chair and Vice Chair will serve 1 year terms and may be reappointed to consecutive terms.



  1. GAC Members agree to attend at least 75 percent of all committee meetings; there will be at least 12 meetings annually and 3 excused absences will be approved. An excused absence means the Committee member shall contact the Chair or Senior Vice President prior to the scheduled meeting that will be missed;
  2. A majority of GAC members will constitute a quorum;
  3. Each GAC member will be asked to abide by the established member guidelines and  protocol;
  4. GAC meetings are open to all BARA members; however, only GAC members will be allowed to vote in the conduct of the committee’s business;
  5. The vote of the committee will represent the official position of the committee and all members are asked to uphold that position once voted on. Individual votes in the committee are to be held in confidence.