Don't Know Much About History

 Reach the Target Market for Your Historic Real Estate Listing

  • Is your listing a landmarked property?
  • Is your listing located in an historic district?
  • Is your listing 50 years or older and a significant property because of its architect or former resident, or somehow related to an historic event?

Historic Boulder is adding a Historic Real Estate for Sale section to its website and also to its frequent  email newsletters which are sent at least twice a month to our extensive mailing list.

What is involved?

The cost is a one—time $40 per listing for a six month period.

What is reguired?

A photo of the property; a photo of you, the listing agent; the name of your company and a phone number. (We will include all properties within the Boulder County area.)

2012 is the 40th anniversary of Historic Boulder, and during this celebration year, Historic Boulder looks to the 21st century and its continuing contribution to the preservation of the this vital part of Boulder's identity and wealth as a city.

Because Historic Boulder's job is to preserve and protect Boulder's significant real estate, we wanted to provide a way for the Boulder area real estate community to easily reach the strongest target market out there for these properties.

For questions and/or submissions, please contact Abby Daniels at (303) 444-5192 or